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BrandScape is the powerful Brand Management Software from Germany's leading design agency Peter Schmidt Group. Developed from the perspective of brand users for every day brand usage.

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Manage your brand easily worldwide with an appealing look and an wysiwyg editing mode


With 40 years of brand management we bring the best out of your brand


Start with a basic setup and grow with the brand’s needs


All brand elements, templates and components documented on one digital platform for easy usage - including best practice sharing for inspiration and brand compliance.

Digital Asset Management

One central library comprising all material around the brand with a powerful search and filter options by context driven meta data.

We also offer a library for all icons with advanced management options, such as previews, additional storage types and download options.

Example 2


Easy content management and publishing with innovative WYSIWYG interface for creating and reviewing content – enabling efficient self-service editing for brand managers.

Example 3

Web & Print

Brand-compliant templates make it easy to design directly in the browser – and to use all work for digital or analogue applications.

Example 4

Brand asset

You don’t know which logo-file you need? Or you need a variety of icons? Our wizards help you finding the correct file for your application.

Example 5

Individual look & feel
– just like your brand

All-in-One – one system to manage all brand assets – with an integrated DAM

  • Modern and user friendly design
  • Integration in existing systems (including UI integration and Single-Sign-On)
  • Intelligent assistants, e.g. logo wizard, icon library and smart downloads
  • Collaboration tool for file sharing
  • Workflow control, editing processes and approvals
  • Connection of creative-service-desks directly from the portal with process control
  • Analytics for the evaluation of usage data

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